The spacer/ring module is made from a urethane rubber material which is soft and flexible and provides superior comfort. It is available in 9 different sizes, which means you can get the perfect size for your hand without needing to adjust straps or toggles each time you put your tab on. 

Getting Started

To get started, you'll need a 10cm wide strip of paper, a pen or fine tip marker, and a ruler.

First take a look at your middle finger - the one which will go through the ring. You need to measure the part of this finger where the ring will sit, just behind the knuckle 

Measuring your finger

Now, take your strip of paper and wrap it around the section of your finger that you need to measure

Take your pen/marker and draw across the paper strip at the point where the end of the paper overlaps, measuring the circumference of your finger.

Measure & compare

Straighten out the strip and measure the length between the marks where the overlaps were. This length now can be compared with the chart below to select your correct ring size. Generally if you are ‘between’ sizes then go for the smaller size.
I strongly recommend you do this once yourself, then get someone to double check your measurements!

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There are two plates which ‘sandwich’ the leather between them. These plates lock the leather in place  eliminating the need for the many screws used by other tab designs. There are four sizes of these plate pairs (small, medium, large and XL*) and the spacing of the pins has been deliberately kept the same on all three sizes to allow a larger (or smaller, should you wish) leather piece to be fitted. That means you can use a medium leather in a small plate set, or a large leather on a medium etc

*The XL set comprises of a Large Plate with XL Leather


Each tab comes complete with it's matching size leather.

For those who need a different size, larger, smaller, longer, or you prefer to cut your own, there are additional leather sets available.

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Full sizing & Product Specifications