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The Fairweather Barebow Tab is an all new design unlike any other available on the market today. Our world first design provides the shooter with the ability to customise the height of the tab in their hand.

This means you can set your tab up precisely the way you prefer, with the top of the tab set flush, or above or below the height of the top of your hand. Like our MODLUS tab, the Barebow tab once set up has no moving parts, and can't shift or twist - allowing for maximum repeatability from shot to shot, and stability of the tab in hand.

Rather than have fixed marks, our tab comes with a range of tapes - meaning the tab can be customised completely to the user. There are two different pre-printed scales you can stick on, as well as blank tapes if you prefer to make your own marks. The tapes are waterproof and heat resistant, to stand up to all conditions. Prefer grooves? No problem, you can easily etch or file the tap plate so your marks are in precisely the place you want them to be. The plates are made of resilient Nylon - SUPER strong, with smooth edges and nothing to catch on your skin.

A note to remember, when purchasing a Fairweather tab you need both plates AND rings - they are sold separately to ensure you get a precise fit!

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