The Fairweather Finger Tab

The Fairweather Finger Tab is made from light weight Urethane plastic and Urethane rubber. I don’t see any reason for the tab to be any heavier than necessary, and the urethane doesn’t get hot in the sun, or worse, cold in cold weather. It feels comfortable and natural in the hand.


WARNING - Archery can be dangerous! Please take care of yourself and others and keep our sport safe.

If you experience pain, numbness or tingling in your fingers due to shooting, seek advice before continuing to shoot. A qualified Coach should be able to advise on the best technique to avoid injury. Incorrect technique may put undue pressure on the nerves of your fingers.

If you experience symptoms, seek advice from a Medical Professional. Continuing to shoot with pain or numbness in the fingers without correcting the cause may lead to injury, and we strongly caution against this.