Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is extremely strong, but very soft. It gives excellent string feel, and allows for maximum consistency with your ‘hook’.


Kangaroo is quite unique in that the collagen fibres of the Kangaroo hide are uniformly directional, they run in parallel with the surface, and are uniform across the entire hide meaning better consistency from one piece of leather to the next. 

Each Fairweather Tab comes with 3 pieces of Kangaroo leather in matching size. Additional leather options are also available, including Extra Long leathers, as well as uncut leather for those who prefer to cut their own shape.

How you like to set your tab up is up to you - we all like to do things a little differently! The tab will come with the 3 pieces of leather, with one piece on the fingers side oriented 'shiny side' towards your fingers, and 2 pieces with the 'shiny side' towards the string. I would recommend keeping the piece that contacts the string oriented to the shiny side, however the rest is up to you. 3 pieces too much? take one or two out. Prefer the suede like finish of the leather to be in contact with your fingers? switch them over. Easy.


To shoot in the leather as quickly as possible, I like to dampen the leather with a little water before I shoot it the first time. Just a few seconds under a tap (or under your drink bottle if you're at the range!), and the tab will dry out within a few ends of shooting, leaving a nice string groove. The leather can sometimes sound a bit creaky when you are first shooting it in - don't worry! It's perfectly normal, and the sound will go away in a short time. Not everyone experiences this, I find it varies from one draw hand technique to the next.

The leather shoots in quickly, meaning that it is MUCH easier and faster to replace the leather of your tab than with a cordovan face. You don't have to worry about changing your much loved tab and taking weeks or months for it to soften up - you can have it ready in a day, so replace the leathers when they need it!