The Fairweather Finger Tab

The Fairweather Finger Tab is made from light weight Urethane plastic and Urethane rubber. I don’t see any reason for the tab to be any heavier than necessary, and the urethane doesn’t get hot in the sun, or worse, cold in cold weather. It feels comfortable and natural in the hand.

I first decided to make a finger tab due to my general dissatisfaction with the comfort and construction of the tabs that were on the market. It has always bothered me that the screws on most tabs always work loose, and the spacer moves, and the shelf is sharp edged - unless you take to it with a saw and file... 

Also I was taken with the idea of the tab being affixed to my hand using a ring, rather than a strap. I suppose that idea came from the archer’s thumb ring of some traditional asian archery styles, along with my background as a jewellery designer. I hadn’t planned to make a product for sale - I just wanted a better tab. However it wasn’t until I had done quite a lot of work in my jewellery and sculpture job that I realised how I could solve these problems.


What I have designed is a tab which can fit - without adjustable parts. It is modular instead, using three separate sections that come in different  sizes to allow you to fit the combination to your hand. The plates come in three sizes, and the spacer/ring module in 9 different sizes. They all fit together in a manner which prevents any movement or slipping  of the shelf or spacer, and uses only a single screw to fasten it all together. So changing the leather is now a quick and easy process - no need to remove all those screws, spacer and finger straps, the single screw does it all.

The Fairweather MODULUS Tab


Build your tab

Learn more about how the Fairweather tab can be mixed & matched to customise your finger tab fit